Friday, April 16, 2010

Anudder foster doggie

Did I mention that Mommee getted anudder foster doggie? Yeah. His name is Carl. I haven't met him yet, but Reese seems to like him, an' since she's very picky about the doggies she likes, that mus' mean he's a nice doggie, and isn't going to try an' eat her like Kieran did.

He's a pit bull mix, Mommee sez mebbeh mixed with Dalmatian? He's kinda spotty. He's about a year old, and Mommee sez he's very "puppy-ish." Well, Duh!, Mommee, he's a puppy!

Mommee sez he likes to play an' play an' play, all day long! Sometimes Reese snaps at him an' sez GO AWAY cuz she's older and grumpier and duzn't like to play all day long.

Duzn't it kinda look like his eyes is looking in two different directions?

He's gettin' eated by the cowch!

The delusion continues . . .

Well, to quote one of my favorite blogging doggies, Dozer, "Mummy has loosed her mind!"

Mommee keeps sayin' I's 3 years old. I keeps telling her that I'm 3 MONTHS old! Well, she was reading one of our favorite blogs, by Honey the Great Dane, and she has a "dog age calculator." (It's from Pedigree, which Mommee duzn't like, but just ignore that part)

Now Mommee thinks I's 24 YEARS OLD!

Mommee, you needs to see a psy- . . . psychia- . . . you needs your head examined.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Hsin-Yi! (That's Honey's human)