Monday, March 29, 2010

I iz a party dog!

On Caturday night, Mommee had a party to celebrate being ancient. I tried to be a helper doggie in the morning, cleaning the house, but I mostly just whined when I couldn't be in the kitchen wif Mommee.

Then I tasted the cake balls, to make sure they wasn't poisunus. And I told Mommee I had to test the rolls for the meetball sammiches, but she said No.

Then I supervized the assembly of the table for playing games.

An' would you beleev it? All of Mommee's frends were under the same delusion she was! They said I was HUGE! An' I said, No, I just a little puppeh.

Here's me an' Mommee.

See how little I am?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Visiting Mommee!

I'z visiting my Mommee! Her berfday was Thursday - she's ANCIENT now (she's 30).

Reese duzn't seem to 'member me. She's acting all skeerd and stuff. I wants to play wif her, and she don't wanna. :-(

I hope I get to meet Doug the Vizsla while I'm home!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pitty's Day!

It's St. Pitty's Day! If you live near me (in Phillydelphia), and you want to 'dopt a doggie, the place for homeless doggies is having a sale! Any doggie with an Irish name is $10 off the adoption fee ($65 for adult doggies and $115 for puppies).





(There's more at the shelter, too!)

And just cuz I'm so cute, here's a picture of me in my Irish bandanna (it's black with green shamrocks on it) with a Leprachaun:

Here's a better picture of my bandanna:


Congradulashuns to Oscar's mommee, Natalie, who won the box of Wellness treats! Oscar's mommee has a blog, too:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Berfday Giveaway!

In honors of my berfday, I'z gonna have a little giveaway! Iz gonna be a trivia question. Da furst doggie (or kittie or bunnie or whatever) to correctly answer my question will receev a box of my most favoritest treats, Wellness WellBars Yogurt, Apples & Bananas. (and if you are a kittie or bunnie or whatever, tell me what yur most favoritest treat is, an' I'll send that instead -- since you shuldn't eat doggie treats)

Question: Name a president who owned a labrador retriever AND the name of that lab.

Leave a comment with your answer and your human's email address, so my mommee can contact your human and find out where to send your noms.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iz my berfday!

I'm 3 months old today (despite Daddee kiddin' me dat I'm 3 yeers old today -- mus be the same delusion dat makes him think I'm 100 pounds, when I'm reely only 10 pounds).

Anyway, Daddee made me pupcakes fer my berfday! An' I got a Kong Wubba and a new Nylabone!

Mommee says we're gonna celebrate my berfday AGAIN the next time she sees me!

On a not-so-happee note, Mommee says dat today is Kieran's last day at home. He bited Reese again, reely bad. Mommee knows dat Kieran is too dangerus to be 'dopted (even though he's not dangerus to peepel AT ALL), and dat he's going someplace called The Rainbow Bridge tonite.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I has a sad :-(

I has a sad fer my mommy. I have mentioned before dat she volunteers to help doggies that doesn't has homes. She takes them for walkies, and trains them to be good doggies, and helps them find homes (and sometimes, brings them to OUR home until they find there own home).

Well, last week, she was talkin' thru email to some other volunteer frends of hers, and she complaned dat some of the peepel who work for that place was not nice. All she wuz tryin' to do was to find a home for a doggie that REELY needed one, cuz he was in that place for homeless doggies for a LONG TIME.

Well, one persun printed out dat email and gave it to those peepel who work there, who passed it on to the other shelter, who passed it on to their big boss person.

Anyways, yesterday, they told mommy to stop volunteering fer a long time, and think about weather she really wanted to do it or not. Now my mommee is reely upset, becuz she LUVS helping those doggies be good doggies and find homes and stuff. And becuz it was a private email that got passed around -- and she knows that nuffing is REELY private anymores (stupid interwebs), but she thawt that all the peepel in that email thread was her frends and wudn't tell those staff peepel behind her back.