Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review Part III

So, here's the last of my pikshurs.

At Howl-o-ween, Mommee immortalized my likeness in a pumpkin! It's a Owen-o-Lantern!

And at Crimmas, Santa Paws brought me presents!

I can opens, right, Mommee?

I helps Reese out wif her present.

Yay! A new toy to tug with!

So, that's my 2009! Hope you all have a great 2010!

2009 Year in Review Part II

On Mommee's Day, in May (when everbuddy tells their Mommees that they loves them), Mommee took me to a doggie park.

I played wif dis doggie.

And chased anudder doggie.

But it's all good. We friends.

Then, Mommee pretty much forgot about takin' me places and takin' pikshurs, cuz I can't find anything else on Mommee's laptop with my pikshur! The nerve!

2009 Year in Review

I has lots of pikshurs to shares wif you. All of them are from the past year.

So, the year started off with dinner at Gramma's. Nuttin' too exciting.

And . . . . nuttin' happened in Feberary.

Annnnd, in March, Mommee and Daddee took me an' Reese on a CAR RIDE (!). I wanted to give Daddee bunnee eers in this pikshur but Mommee wouldn't let me.

Then, when we got where we were going, we took a REALLY LONG walk with lots of other people (and a few other doggies!). Mommee said we were walkin' becuz too many police ossifers was gettin' killed just fer doin' their jobs.

I told Mommee and Daddee they were sick, sadistic people fer making me walk so far. My poor puppy feets aren't used to walkin' so much!

Then, we got SNOW! In MARCH! (OK, it was still technically wintertime, but SNOW! in MARCH!)

First, we played on the deck.

Then, Mommee and Daddee took me an' Reese to this fenced-in place, with concrete ground, so me and Reese can run off-leash! It's kinda like a doggie park, just fer us. (Note from Mommy: it's an enclosed roller hockey rink. Reese does not enjoy dog parks, but this is a safe way for the two dogs to run off-leash together.)

Daddee maked a snowball fer me!

Where'd it go?

Then, after the snow went away, I had a berfday. I turned two months old! Mommee keeps teasin' me, saying I'm two YEARS old. Silly mommee.
Mommee maked me a cake. Mommee put the recipe in her bloggie, in case any other Mommees wanna make cake fer their puppies.

And I gots to have some. Of course. It was my cake! (Yes, I shared wif Reese)
And I getted presents.
Was a good berfday.

In late March, I went to puppy school. Mommee didn't take any pikshurs of me in doggie school. But I got a certificate that says I passed!
In April, we took a LOOOOOONG car ride. And we took another LOOOOONG walk (sick, sadistic parents). But there were LOTS of other doggies to meet.

I met the guy that invited all the doggies to this park. Mommee said his name is John DeBella, and he talks on the radio.

Then Mommee make me stuck my face in a hole in a piece of plywood. Then, Daddee took my pikshur. I dunno why.

It was also really HOT, so Mommee and Daddee let me an' Reese go swimmin'.

OK, so that's January through April. May through August, comin' up next!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Woofmas!

Hope everybuddy is having a furry Woofmas! Daddee an' I drove back home to see Mommee last nite. Reese was so happy to see me! (So was Mommee, of course) Kieran . . . not so happy to see me.

But Mommee and Daddee took us all for a walk, and then STUCK US IN OUR CRATES! How is THAT to spend Christmas Eve??

They were gone a couple of hours, then they came home and we all went to bedtime.

In the morning, we went for walkies again, and got breakfast noms. Then Mommee told us that Santa Paws left us presents!

That's a gingerbread stuffie! An' I got a nom-dispensing bone, and a bully stick!!
Reese and Kieran each got a stuffie, a nom-dispensing toy, and a bully stick, too. Pretty soon, Daddee an' I are gonna head back to Gramma's, cuz Daddee said Santa Paws left toys for me THERE, too!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's SNOWING!!!!! My favorite thing! Daddee is gettin a new pikshur-taker for Crismas, so he can't take pikshurs of me in the snow rite now. So I'm postin pikshurs of me in the snow from last year.
I likes to catch snowflakes.

I likes to eat the snow.

My crazy sister likes to make snow angels:

An, my mommee posted a movie of me on YouTube!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here's ma pikshur!

Oh, yeah, Reese's in it, too.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I is sorries I has been a bad puppeh, updating my bloggy.

Daddee put on my new Santa Paws suit, and took me on a CAR RIDE(!) last nite to dis place called Nesh-a-min-ee Mall, and I saw LOTS of ozzer doggies! I felt a little sillee wearin' dat suit, but most of teh ozzer doggies had on silly costumes, too. And my Mommee was there, with Reese! I was most happiest to see them both!

And we stood in a long line, for a reely long time, like, fur-evers! An' dis little puppee in front of us kept tryin' to chase my tail. Mommee didn't seem to like teh puppee - well, more like, she didn't like teh peepel who brought da puppee. She said dat puppee came from a "puppy mill" like I came from. And dat teh peepel knew it and bought dat puppee anyways. She said it was a pug and beegul mixed togedder, and she doesn't unnerstand why peepels pay so much moneys for mutts.

Anyways, we also saw a English Mastiff, who didn't seem to likes me. I dunno why. An' TWO pibbles! An' a Great Dane. And more pug-beegul mixes, which made Mommee even more mad. And dis yorkie was behind us. And a Westie. And English bulldoggies. And anudder lab, but he was black, not cream-colored like me. An' a poodle.

So, like I sed, we stood in this line, like, fur-evers, and we finally got to meet dis guy sittin' in a green chair. He, uh, kinda needed to lose some weight (I mean, come on, Mommee, you think I'm pudgy?). An' he had a looooong white beard. And I sat on da floor in front of his chair, and Reese hopped up next to him. I wanted to hop up, too, but he has the same delusions Mommee does -- he thought I was a big doggie, but I told him, no, I'm a little doggie, I only 10.5 pounds -- the vet forgot the decimal point, but he said, no, you're too big, you sit on da floor.

Anyways, these ladies squeaked a toy, and called my name, but Mommee said "Stay." And der was dis brite flash of lite, and we had to leave that man. We couldn't stay an' play wis him, cuz der were ozzer doggies waitin' to meets him.

Then one of dose ladies gave Mommee and Daddee each a picshur, and Daddee and me went back to Gramma's, and Mommee took Reese home. Mommee said she's gonna "scan" the picshur at home, so I can put it in my bloggy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recap of visit wif Mommee

So, Daddee drived me to the puppie store (not that they sell puppies, but they sell stuff for puppies) and guess who was there! My mommee! I hopped around to tell her that I missed her.

I didn't get to go into the puppie store. Mommee said she already buyed me treats. I got into her car and Daddee put my crate in her car.

Mommee drived me home, put my crate together . . . AND STUCK ME IN IT! AND LEFT! She said she had to take one of the baby kitties to meet its new mommee. She wasn't gone too long, and she let me out of my crate when I came back.

So, I was laying in my favorite spot on the windowsill, and these two people came over! But they didn't come to meet me -- they came to visit that mean older kittie that lives in Mommee's office. They might 'dopt her.

So, after they left, Mommee took me to my most favoritest place on teh Earf. DOGGEE PARK!! There was SO MANY other doggies there! There was labs, and golden retrievers, and pibbles, and my most favoritest . . . a husky! They're just so darn attractive. I wanted to "say hi" but I think she knew what I was up to, and just kept running away from me. And I tried to catch her, but she was faster than me.

AND there was a huge puddle of water! Almost like a little pond! So I splashed around in it. Mommee yelled at me that I was getting dirty, but I didn't care! At least I didn't lay down in it, like that golden retriever did!

Then we went home and had noms for dinner. It was the bestest day ever.

Went for walkies with Reese this morning. Then Mommee kleened up the house. Then she used this weird-looking brush on me. But, boy, did it pull out lots of old, loose fur! She called it a "Furminator." Reese loved getting Furminated. She rolled over to have her belly Furminated!

Then . . . the indignity started. Mommee pulled out this red suit from the closet. And put it on me. And put antlers on Reese. And took out the camera. She sed she was takin' pikshurs fer somethin' called a Crimmas card. She breaked her 'spensive camera lens, so then she started usin' her pikshur-taker on her cell phone.

So, Mommee packed up my stuff, and now I'm jus' waitin' for Daddee to come gets me to go back to Gramma's. Mommee said she can't handle 3 doggies durin' the week by herselfs. Cuz yeah, that Kieran doggie is STILL HERE.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'z Gonna See Mah Mommee!!!

YAY!!! Daddee just told me that on Caturday, I gonna go see mah mommee!! Daddee gonna take me for car ride to the puppy supply store where he'z gonna help ozzer doggies find homes. Mommee's gonna pick me up there and bring me home!

We'z gonna go to da doggie park if the weather is nice, and I'z gonna sleep over! I gets to see mah "sister" Reese, too! And that Kieran doggie is still there, but if he duzn't bite me agin, that's OK.

Monday, November 9, 2009

No Extra Long Walkies for Me :-(

So, on Caturday, Daddee was gonna take me for extra long walkies at this place called Peece Vally Park.

So, Daddee put my Gentle Leedur head collar thingy on, and I got all excited, cuz I know that means walkies!

THEN, Daddee grabbed his car keys, and I got even MOR excited, cuz that means CAR RIDE!!

So we drovez in the car for a little bit, and pulled up to the gate, and there was a sine that said "No Pets."

I said to Daddee, I not Pets. I Owen. But he said we couldn't go in. So I had to settle for regular walkies.

I emailed Mommee and told her I had a sad because of that, and she said to tell Daddee that there's a park just for doggies in a town called Horsham wich is not very far from Gramma's!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'z at Gramma's

I'z settling in at Gramma's. I emailed my mommee and told her I lovez her and I misses her.

I has to stay in the laundry room when nobodee's home, but Daddee says he's gonna bring my crate up reel soon, so I has someplace familiar to sleep during the day. I still gets my Kong.

I sleeps with Daddee at night. His new bed is kinda small, and he complains that I take up too much room. I think he's ah-zagger-ating - I'm just a cute little puppy! I hardly take up any room!

I still gets confuzed in the morning. When we wakes up, and go out of the room to go downstairs fo walkies, I always turn the wrong way in the hallway. But Daddee always calls me to go the right way.

Monday, I had a hurt -- we has to go downstairs, and makes a little U-turn to get to the kitchen and gets my leash. I was so happy about walkies that i RAN downstairs. I didn't remember that I had to turn around. And I kinda crashed into the wall. Oops . . .

So now, i RUN down the stairs, turn right into the living, turn right into the dining room and turn right into the kitchen! Then I go for walkies.

And at night, Daddee types on the magical box that lets him talk to other people. That's how I sent Mommee that message. One night, Gramma came in to talk to Daddee and she told me lovez me. I did my whole body wiggle and hopped to tell her how happy I was.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Duuuude . . . I think I had some bad kibble

So, last night, Mommee and Daddee got a pizza for dinner (and didn't give ME any!!). They ate their pizza and put away the leftovers (instead of giving them to ME!!).

Then, somebuddy knocked on the door. And a guy carrying a chicken held up a bag, and Mommee put some candy in it!

Then Mommee took a bowl (like for noms, but it was HUGE) and a chair outside, and we sat on the front steps. And all these weird creatures came to our door and Mommee kept givin' em candy. There was a walking, talking banana, and Buzz Lightyear, and Princess Leia, and one of the Phillies players (which confuzed me, cuz I thought they was playing baseball!), and a lot of scary monster! And Mommee kept givin' em candy! And didn't give ME any!

So, anyway, today, I'z feeling better and no strange creatures came to our door. Mommee left for the shelter (where she helps other doggies find homes like mine!). Daddee packed up his clothes, like for a REALLY long vacation, but this time, I got to come!

We're vacationing at Gramma and Grampa's! Daddee says we're gonna be here for a while, and Mommee's gonna stay home with Reese and Kieran. I gonna miss my Mommee, but I'll try and email her my bloggy updates.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mommy and Daddy are home!

Mommy and Daddy came home last night! I was so happy! I had to tell them everything that happened.

So, Wednesday, Dave came over. He gave me tummy rubs and dinner and walked me and stuff was good. But whenever it was Kieran's turn to come out of his crate, I had to go into mine, which I didn't like, and I let Dave know it!

So, Thursday night, Dave took me on my walk, and put me in my crate, so he could take Reese and Kieran out on their walk. I promised to be a good boy and not chew anything, but Dave didn't believe me. :-(

After Reese and Kieran came back from their walk, Kieran must have been really excited, and tried to show Reese how excited he was. Well, she didn't like it and she tried to tell him to back off, and he bit her! Just like he bit me! Dave tried prying Kieran's jaw open and it didn't work. He tried throwing water on him, and it didn't work. Finally, he had to hit Kieran in the head, and that startled him long enough for Dave to pull him off. He picked Reese right up and put her on the other side of the baby gate.

He called Mommy on her phone and she said to take her to the vet. Dave was there FOREVER (he said it was only 2 hours, but it felt like FOREVER!), and she didn't need stitches or anything, but they did shave under her chin. She looks kinda silly now.

So, none of us got to play together for the rest of the time Dave was there.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mommy and Daddy goin' somewhere

So, all this week, Mommy and Daddy have been cleaning the house. They only do that when people are coming over, or they're going somewhere. I know they're going somewhere, because they keep throwing clothes and other stuff into big bags.

Daddy something about a place called Eye-Oh-Wa. And people getting married.

I was hoping I'd get to go back to Doggie Camp, like I did when they went to the beach (without me), but Mommy said since I still have a hurt on my leg and my neck, I can't go. She said her friend Dave is coming to stay with all of us. And he'll give me noms and take me for walks and give me belly rubs.

He stayed with Reese when they went to the beach, because Reese wouldn't have liked Camp. She says he's a nice guy.

Mommy got a text message from Sirius -- he said he's having lots of fun with his new family -- they took him to the beach (lucky guy!), and he goes to work with his new Daddy, and has kids to play with! His new family really loves him. They call him "Nero" now. Mommy looked happy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Frankenpuppy - that's Mommy's new name for me.

So, my foster brudder Sirius went to his new home on Thursday. On Friday, Mommy brought home a new foster brudder. They said his name at the shelter was Mutts, but we were going to call him "Kieran."

Kieran is a very scared dog. He flinches when Mommy or Daddy try to pet him, he's scared of Reese - he's even scared of me!

I try to show him how to play, but he just runs away. So, last night, Daddy had just got home, so I went over to say hi, then went and got a toy for us to play with. Daddy gave Mommy a hug -- and the next part is all a blur -- but all of a suddent, Kieran was biting me! Hard!

He bit my paw and was biting my neck and wouldn't let go and Daddy was yelling and Mommy was crying. They finally got Kieran off of me -- I ran to my crate and Daddy put Kieran is his crate.

Mommy said the cut on my leg looked bad, and we drove to the vet. They took me to the back, and a couple of cute girls were holding my head while a couple of other girls were petting me all over. They found some other cuts. They shaved my fur off around my cuts. The doctor said she was going to staple my skin back together so the cuts could heal.

Then we went back home. Mommy slept upstairs with Kieran and Reese, and Daddy slept downstairs with me. These staples feel weird and I was trying to get them out, but Daddy wouldn't let me. Then, in the morning, Mommy and Daddy put a SOCK on my leg, and taped it there, and I can't get it off!

So, anyway, with the staples in my neck and in my leg, Mommy says I look like Frankenstein. But since I'm a cute little puppy (who, by the way, has lost 6 pounds!), she changed it to Frankenpuppy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My foster brudder

Mommy says that tomorrow, my foster brudder, Sirius, is going to go meet another doggie. Apparently, some guy wants to take Sirius to live with him, and this doggie belongs to that guy's brudder. If Sirius goes to live with this guy, he'd spend a lot of time with that other doggie.

I will be sad if Sirius goes to live with that guy. He's been living with us for a long time - four months! We wrestle and we cuddle together. I'll still have Reese, but she's smaller and doesn't like to play as much as Sirius does.

That's me on the right, the little white doggie. Sirius is the black doggie. And the bald guy is Daddy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Park!

After Mommy and Daddy adopted me, they took me to this park in South Philadelphia that Mommy said is just for doggies. It was a long car ride, and sometimes we had to park far away, and walk. But it was a nice area. Kinda small, so not too much room to run. But I made a friend named Loki - he's a pibble. We wrestled together.

Then it got cold, and we didn't go for a while.

We started to go again in the summertime, but Mommy didn't like driving that far. Then Mommy heard about a new place in Levittown that is closer!

The park for doggies is inside a BIGGER park with stuff for everybody: a playground for kids, a path for walkers, runners and bikers, a court for roller hockey, basketball courts, and a tennis court.

There's even a LAKE right in the middle! But Mommy said I'm not allowed in it. We found the doggie park, and it's HUGE! There are so many dogs to play with! And I can RUN!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Mommy and Daddy went on vacation last weekend. So, Sirius and I got to go to doggie camp! Reese didn't go - she doesn't like meeting new doggies like me and Sirius do.

We played almost ALL DAY with the other doggies. In the morning, we played in a huge room inside. This really nice guy tossed a ball for Sirius and some other doggies to chase.

Then we took a nap -- I needed it!

And in the afternoon, we played in a yard outside. There was stuff to climb on, and a small pool to relax in!

We had a lot of fun, but we were still really happy to see Mommy and Daddy when we got back.

It's been two days since we came home, and I'm STILL tired!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Wow, I've been too tired to write all weekend! Mommy and Daddy took me and Sirius to this new place on Friday. We could hear dogs barking from the outside. Then we went inside, and the smells! WOW! So many things to smell and to explore!

Mommy and Daddy left us behind the counter with a really nice lady. They came back about 5 minutes later, and then the lady took off our harnesses and put new collars on, and took us through the door that Mommy and Daddy had gone through.

There were all these play areas full of other doggies! It was like a doggie park, but inside! We sniffed the other dogs at the fence first, then the lady opened the door and let us in. SO MUCH FUN! There was stuff to climb on, and lots of room to run.

By the time Mommy and Daddy came back, I was just laying on the floor watching the other dogs. Even Sirius looked tired!

We slept the whole way back home. Mommy and Daddy were talking about the place, and something called Labor Day weekend. I was only half awake, so I didn't catch the whole conversation, but it sounds like Sirius and I will get to go back on Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mommy brought home fixin's for Chinese food!

They wasn't too happy, though. They hissed at me and Sirius before Mommy took them upstairs.

Huh. Why'd she take them upstairs? Kitchen's on this floor. And she only brought home four portions. Between her, Daddy, Sirius, Reese, and me, we need another portion.

Ain't no way I'm sharing.


I just peeked. She put them in a cage. They're kinda small. I think we're going green -- growing our own food!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm a Con- . . . a Contest- . . . Vote for Me.

Mommy entered me in the Cutest Dog Contest. And why wouldn't she? I'm adorable! All these ladies said so last night!

She had to send the contest people a picture of me, and she couldn't even decide which one to send!

But here it is:

And here's the link to vote for me:
The grand prize is a million dollars. Do you know how many hot dogs that buys?!?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poor Excuse for a Swimming Pool

It's HOT today. So, Mommy asked Daddy to fill up the pool. I had no idea what she was talking about. What's a pool?

About ten minutes later, Daddy came back inside and put leashes on all of us. The whole family went out front.

There was this round, blue thing filled with water. I got in it, but it wasn't the same as the lake. The water barely reached halfway up my leg! How am I supposed to do somersaults in this little bit of water?

I noticed that there looked like there was something under the water. I stuck my nose under to smell it, but ended up just inhaling water. Turns out, it was fish painted on the bottom of this thing. Who does that??

Sirius came into the pool, too, but Reese wanted nothing to do with it. Which was weird, 'cuz last time, she ran into the lake even before I did! So, Mommy put her back inside, and she watched us from the windowsill.

Eventually, Sirius was more interested in barking at the mailman, and Daddy took him inside, too.

I stayed out there a bit, but I was more interested in eating the grass than "swimming." Can't swim in that thing.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Mommy has been giving me my kong almost every day now! And she puts FOOD in it!! Pure doggie joy!

So far, I've had:

Peanut butter (my favorite)

Sometimes she puts little pieces of berries in there, too.

Sirius and Reese get them, too. Sirius loves them as much as I do, but Reese usually takes a few licks and walks away. She doesn't know what she's missing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New House!

I got a new house! It's bigger than my old house. Mommy calls it a crate. I like "house" better.

It doesn't have a carpet or a kitchen yet, but Mommy said she'll order them today. For now, she's just going to lay a blanket on the floor. I'll have to eat my breakfast and dinner from my bowl on the floor for a while.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Introducing the Labramoose

Hi, I'm Owen! I'm a 2-year-old purebred Labrador Retriever. My family "rescued" me from my previous owners, who didn't treat me so well.

Now, I have good food, good toys, my own bed (well, I have to share it with my parents), AND I have a foster brother and sister!

My Mommy calls me a Labramoose because she says I'm so big. I think she needs her head examined. I'm just a cute little lap-puppy.