Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Frankenpuppy - that's Mommy's new name for me.

So, my foster brudder Sirius went to his new home on Thursday. On Friday, Mommy brought home a new foster brudder. They said his name at the shelter was Mutts, but we were going to call him "Kieran."

Kieran is a very scared dog. He flinches when Mommy or Daddy try to pet him, he's scared of Reese - he's even scared of me!

I try to show him how to play, but he just runs away. So, last night, Daddy had just got home, so I went over to say hi, then went and got a toy for us to play with. Daddy gave Mommy a hug -- and the next part is all a blur -- but all of a suddent, Kieran was biting me! Hard!

He bit my paw and was biting my neck and wouldn't let go and Daddy was yelling and Mommy was crying. They finally got Kieran off of me -- I ran to my crate and Daddy put Kieran is his crate.

Mommy said the cut on my leg looked bad, and we drove to the vet. They took me to the back, and a couple of cute girls were holding my head while a couple of other girls were petting me all over. They found some other cuts. They shaved my fur off around my cuts. The doctor said she was going to staple my skin back together so the cuts could heal.

Then we went back home. Mommy slept upstairs with Kieran and Reese, and Daddy slept downstairs with me. These staples feel weird and I was trying to get them out, but Daddy wouldn't let me. Then, in the morning, Mommy and Daddy put a SOCK on my leg, and taped it there, and I can't get it off!

So, anyway, with the staples in my neck and in my leg, Mommy says I look like Frankenstein. But since I'm a cute little puppy (who, by the way, has lost 6 pounds!), she changed it to Frankenpuppy.


  1. Oh Owen! I'm so sorry you got hurt. I hope you heal really fast!


  2. Oh, that is furry awful cuz all you was tryin' ta do was ta be friends. We are sorry you gotted hurts and so sorry that the new foster is so fearful...