Thursday, May 27, 2010

The foster doggie . . .

. . . is now my half-brudder! Mommee's frend, who was fostering him, decided to 'dopt him! FOSTER FAIL!

And, um, yeah, that's all I got fer today.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'z home again

I went back to Gramma's on Sunday. Daddee comed to get me. But before he did, me and Carl played Chase one last time. It was crazier than evar! Instead of jus' chasin' each other around the table in the Eating Room, Carl ran down to the basement, we ran 'round the pool table, ran up the stairs to the Eating Room, ran up the stairs to the Sleeping Rooms, then ran back down to the Eating Room, ran around the table, ran down to the basement, back up the stairs . . .

Mommee said she wuz tired jus' watchin' us.

I will try to update more often. Daddee says I needs my nails clipped. I don't like the sound of that.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'z one tired puppee

Yesturday waz a VERY. LONG. DAY.

Furst, mommee took me to a Pet Fair. She sez it wuz the biggest 'doption event in Phillydelphia's history. It was organized by a group of peepel who are trying to make Phillydelphia a "no-kill" city, which would meen that no doggies would be sent Over the Rainbow jus 'cuz there wuzn't enuff room for them at the shelter. These peepel spread the message of spay/neuter, adoption, and "responsible dog ownership" (which means not makin' your doggie live outside, and givin' him his shots (ouchie!), and makin' sure he's trained an' stuff).

Anyway, it wuz kinda hot, and there were SO MANY peepel and doggies there that I wuz uncomfortable, so Mommee taked me home again, and just let me take a nap in the bedroom.

Then, we went to my cuzin Dakota's house! Would you beleev that he's bigger than me?! (I meen, of course, he's bigger than me, cuz I'm just a little 1o-pound puppee). He wuz very excited to see me. I wuz a little nervous cuz he was SO BIG, but we did play chase in Dakota's yard, but I wuz more interested in the food smells! They had the Cheezburger Machine going! Then we went inside and watched the hockee game. Everybuddy was yelling an' stuff but it was happy yelling, cuz our team won!

Then we went home again, and I got my dinner kibbles (yum yum yum), and I got a Kong(!), cuz Mommee had to go owt again, but this time I couldn't go, but I was happy about that, cuz that was a LONG DAY, and I wuz a tired puppee.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I haz good news!

Mommee jus' told me that I get to play wif my cuzin on Caturday! My cuzin is a black lab named Dakota. His mommee is havin' a partee on Caturday for Dakota's human brother, so I gets to go wif Mommee to play with Dakota!

This is a picture of me an' Dakota playin' last year.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I's vay-kay-shuning at my mommee's! Mommee came to get me on Friday. When we got to the house, I got to meet the foster doggie, Carl, and Reese. Except, Reese wuzn't too happee to see me. I wuz reely nervus for a coupla days that she was gonna bite me again. The foster doggie wanted to play with me, but Reese din't like that either, and when I get nervus, I get humpy. So, we're all staying on our leashes. Sometimes, Mommee separates us into different rooms to give us breaks from each other, and sometimes Reese goes into the Kitchen Prison while me and Carl play. Carl gets to run around like a crazee puppee, and Mommee keeps me on my leash and pulls me off if my humpiness comes back.

Today I got a great surprize! Mommee had an empty jar that had peenut butter in it, and I got to licks it cleen!