Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recap of visit wif Mommee

So, Daddee drived me to the puppie store (not that they sell puppies, but they sell stuff for puppies) and guess who was there! My mommee! I hopped around to tell her that I missed her.

I didn't get to go into the puppie store. Mommee said she already buyed me treats. I got into her car and Daddee put my crate in her car.

Mommee drived me home, put my crate together . . . AND STUCK ME IN IT! AND LEFT! She said she had to take one of the baby kitties to meet its new mommee. She wasn't gone too long, and she let me out of my crate when I came back.

So, I was laying in my favorite spot on the windowsill, and these two people came over! But they didn't come to meet me -- they came to visit that mean older kittie that lives in Mommee's office. They might 'dopt her.

So, after they left, Mommee took me to my most favoritest place on teh Earf. DOGGEE PARK!! There was SO MANY other doggies there! There was labs, and golden retrievers, and pibbles, and my most favoritest . . . a husky! They're just so darn attractive. I wanted to "say hi" but I think she knew what I was up to, and just kept running away from me. And I tried to catch her, but she was faster than me.

AND there was a huge puddle of water! Almost like a little pond! So I splashed around in it. Mommee yelled at me that I was getting dirty, but I didn't care! At least I didn't lay down in it, like that golden retriever did!

Then we went home and had noms for dinner. It was the bestest day ever.

Went for walkies with Reese this morning. Then Mommee kleened up the house. Then she used this weird-looking brush on me. But, boy, did it pull out lots of old, loose fur! She called it a "Furminator." Reese loved getting Furminated. She rolled over to have her belly Furminated!

Then . . . the indignity started. Mommee pulled out this red suit from the closet. And put it on me. And put antlers on Reese. And took out the camera. She sed she was takin' pikshurs fer somethin' called a Crimmas card. She breaked her 'spensive camera lens, so then she started usin' her pikshur-taker on her cell phone.

So, Mommee packed up my stuff, and now I'm jus' waitin' for Daddee to come gets me to go back to Gramma's. Mommee said she can't handle 3 doggies durin' the week by herselfs. Cuz yeah, that Kieran doggie is STILL HERE.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'z Gonna See Mah Mommee!!!

YAY!!! Daddee just told me that on Caturday, I gonna go see mah mommee!! Daddee gonna take me for car ride to the puppy supply store where he'z gonna help ozzer doggies find homes. Mommee's gonna pick me up there and bring me home!

We'z gonna go to da doggie park if the weather is nice, and I'z gonna sleep over! I gets to see mah "sister" Reese, too! And that Kieran doggie is still there, but if he duzn't bite me agin, that's OK.

Monday, November 9, 2009

No Extra Long Walkies for Me :-(

So, on Caturday, Daddee was gonna take me for extra long walkies at this place called Peece Vally Park.

So, Daddee put my Gentle Leedur head collar thingy on, and I got all excited, cuz I know that means walkies!

THEN, Daddee grabbed his car keys, and I got even MOR excited, cuz that means CAR RIDE!!

So we drovez in the car for a little bit, and pulled up to the gate, and there was a sine that said "No Pets."

I said to Daddee, I not Pets. I Owen. But he said we couldn't go in. So I had to settle for regular walkies.

I emailed Mommee and told her I had a sad because of that, and she said to tell Daddee that there's a park just for doggies in a town called Horsham wich is not very far from Gramma's!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'z at Gramma's

I'z settling in at Gramma's. I emailed my mommee and told her I lovez her and I misses her.

I has to stay in the laundry room when nobodee's home, but Daddee says he's gonna bring my crate up reel soon, so I has someplace familiar to sleep during the day. I still gets my Kong.

I sleeps with Daddee at night. His new bed is kinda small, and he complains that I take up too much room. I think he's ah-zagger-ating - I'm just a cute little puppy! I hardly take up any room!

I still gets confuzed in the morning. When we wakes up, and go out of the room to go downstairs fo walkies, I always turn the wrong way in the hallway. But Daddee always calls me to go the right way.

Monday, I had a hurt -- we has to go downstairs, and makes a little U-turn to get to the kitchen and gets my leash. I was so happy about walkies that i RAN downstairs. I didn't remember that I had to turn around. And I kinda crashed into the wall. Oops . . .

So now, i RUN down the stairs, turn right into the living, turn right into the dining room and turn right into the kitchen! Then I go for walkies.

And at night, Daddee types on the magical box that lets him talk to other people. That's how I sent Mommee that message. One night, Gramma came in to talk to Daddee and she told me lovez me. I did my whole body wiggle and hopped to tell her how happy I was.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Duuuude . . . I think I had some bad kibble

So, last night, Mommee and Daddee got a pizza for dinner (and didn't give ME any!!). They ate their pizza and put away the leftovers (instead of giving them to ME!!).

Then, somebuddy knocked on the door. And a guy carrying a chicken held up a bag, and Mommee put some candy in it!

Then Mommee took a bowl (like for noms, but it was HUGE) and a chair outside, and we sat on the front steps. And all these weird creatures came to our door and Mommee kept givin' em candy. There was a walking, talking banana, and Buzz Lightyear, and Princess Leia, and one of the Phillies players (which confuzed me, cuz I thought they was playing baseball!), and a lot of scary monster! And Mommee kept givin' em candy! And didn't give ME any!

So, anyway, today, I'z feeling better and no strange creatures came to our door. Mommee left for the shelter (where she helps other doggies find homes like mine!). Daddee packed up his clothes, like for a REALLY long vacation, but this time, I got to come!

We're vacationing at Gramma and Grampa's! Daddee says we're gonna be here for a while, and Mommee's gonna stay home with Reese and Kieran. I gonna miss my Mommee, but I'll try and email her my bloggy updates.