Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'z at Gramma's

I'z settling in at Gramma's. I emailed my mommee and told her I lovez her and I misses her.

I has to stay in the laundry room when nobodee's home, but Daddee says he's gonna bring my crate up reel soon, so I has someplace familiar to sleep during the day. I still gets my Kong.

I sleeps with Daddee at night. His new bed is kinda small, and he complains that I take up too much room. I think he's ah-zagger-ating - I'm just a cute little puppy! I hardly take up any room!

I still gets confuzed in the morning. When we wakes up, and go out of the room to go downstairs fo walkies, I always turn the wrong way in the hallway. But Daddee always calls me to go the right way.

Monday, I had a hurt -- we has to go downstairs, and makes a little U-turn to get to the kitchen and gets my leash. I was so happy about walkies that i RAN downstairs. I didn't remember that I had to turn around. And I kinda crashed into the wall. Oops . . .

So now, i RUN down the stairs, turn right into the living, turn right into the dining room and turn right into the kitchen! Then I go for walkies.

And at night, Daddee types on the magical box that lets him talk to other people. That's how I sent Mommee that message. One night, Gramma came in to talk to Daddee and she told me lovez me. I did my whole body wiggle and hopped to tell her how happy I was.

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  1. Hi Owen Friend! I am glad to hear Gramma's is fun. Watch out for the confusing layout of her house!