Monday, November 9, 2009

No Extra Long Walkies for Me :-(

So, on Caturday, Daddee was gonna take me for extra long walkies at this place called Peece Vally Park.

So, Daddee put my Gentle Leedur head collar thingy on, and I got all excited, cuz I know that means walkies!

THEN, Daddee grabbed his car keys, and I got even MOR excited, cuz that means CAR RIDE!!

So we drovez in the car for a little bit, and pulled up to the gate, and there was a sine that said "No Pets."

I said to Daddee, I not Pets. I Owen. But he said we couldn't go in. So I had to settle for regular walkies.

I emailed Mommee and told her I had a sad because of that, and she said to tell Daddee that there's a park just for doggies in a town called Horsham wich is not very far from Gramma's!


  1. I'm sorry that silly park wouldn't let you in! No pets, what a silly rule! Hope you get a nice long walk soon.
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  2. Hi Owen Friend! I suggest the park in Hatboro too! Mommy taked me there once and I had a lot of fun. Sorry Peace Valley is discriminatory towards Owens.