Monday, May 17, 2010


I's vay-kay-shuning at my mommee's! Mommee came to get me on Friday. When we got to the house, I got to meet the foster doggie, Carl, and Reese. Except, Reese wuzn't too happee to see me. I wuz reely nervus for a coupla days that she was gonna bite me again. The foster doggie wanted to play with me, but Reese din't like that either, and when I get nervus, I get humpy. So, we're all staying on our leashes. Sometimes, Mommee separates us into different rooms to give us breaks from each other, and sometimes Reese goes into the Kitchen Prison while me and Carl play. Carl gets to run around like a crazee puppee, and Mommee keeps me on my leash and pulls me off if my humpiness comes back.

Today I got a great surprize! Mommee had an empty jar that had peenut butter in it, and I got to licks it cleen!

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