Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mommy and Daddy goin' somewhere

So, all this week, Mommy and Daddy have been cleaning the house. They only do that when people are coming over, or they're going somewhere. I know they're going somewhere, because they keep throwing clothes and other stuff into big bags.

Daddy something about a place called Eye-Oh-Wa. And people getting married.

I was hoping I'd get to go back to Doggie Camp, like I did when they went to the beach (without me), but Mommy said since I still have a hurt on my leg and my neck, I can't go. She said her friend Dave is coming to stay with all of us. And he'll give me noms and take me for walks and give me belly rubs.

He stayed with Reese when they went to the beach, because Reese wouldn't have liked Camp. She says he's a nice guy.

Mommy got a text message from Sirius -- he said he's having lots of fun with his new family -- they took him to the beach (lucky guy!), and he goes to work with his new Daddy, and has kids to play with! His new family really loves him. They call him "Nero" now. Mommy looked happy.

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  1. Hey Owen! I hope you have fun with this Dave guy. And I really hope you heal up fast so you can go back to camp!

    I'm glad Sirius likes his new home. He sounds like he's living a good life.