Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mommy and Daddy are home!

Mommy and Daddy came home last night! I was so happy! I had to tell them everything that happened.

So, Wednesday, Dave came over. He gave me tummy rubs and dinner and walked me and stuff was good. But whenever it was Kieran's turn to come out of his crate, I had to go into mine, which I didn't like, and I let Dave know it!

So, Thursday night, Dave took me on my walk, and put me in my crate, so he could take Reese and Kieran out on their walk. I promised to be a good boy and not chew anything, but Dave didn't believe me. :-(

After Reese and Kieran came back from their walk, Kieran must have been really excited, and tried to show Reese how excited he was. Well, she didn't like it and she tried to tell him to back off, and he bit her! Just like he bit me! Dave tried prying Kieran's jaw open and it didn't work. He tried throwing water on him, and it didn't work. Finally, he had to hit Kieran in the head, and that startled him long enough for Dave to pull him off. He picked Reese right up and put her on the other side of the baby gate.

He called Mommy on her phone and she said to take her to the vet. Dave was there FOREVER (he said it was only 2 hours, but it felt like FOREVER!), and she didn't need stitches or anything, but they did shave under her chin. She looks kinda silly now.

So, none of us got to play together for the rest of the time Dave was there.


  1. Owen, I'm not sure how much I like this Kieran dog. First he hurts you and now Reese :( I hope you're both healing well and that your mom can help him learn to not bite hard. I don't like my friends getting hurt.

    Owen's mommy - my mom said you're great with helping dogs. I hope you can help Kieran so he can find a great home just like Sirius did.

  2. Hi Owen Friend! It's your neighbor dog, Doug. I am sad that your sister got hurt and that your mommy and daddy went away, but I am happy for you that they are back. Maybe you can come play with me soon!