Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review

I has lots of pikshurs to shares wif you. All of them are from the past year.

So, the year started off with dinner at Gramma's. Nuttin' too exciting.

And . . . . nuttin' happened in Feberary.

Annnnd, in March, Mommee and Daddee took me an' Reese on a CAR RIDE (!). I wanted to give Daddee bunnee eers in this pikshur but Mommee wouldn't let me.

Then, when we got where we were going, we took a REALLY LONG walk with lots of other people (and a few other doggies!). Mommee said we were walkin' becuz too many police ossifers was gettin' killed just fer doin' their jobs.

I told Mommee and Daddee they were sick, sadistic people fer making me walk so far. My poor puppy feets aren't used to walkin' so much!

Then, we got SNOW! In MARCH! (OK, it was still technically wintertime, but SNOW! in MARCH!)

First, we played on the deck.

Then, Mommee and Daddee took me an' Reese to this fenced-in place, with concrete ground, so me and Reese can run off-leash! It's kinda like a doggie park, just fer us. (Note from Mommy: it's an enclosed roller hockey rink. Reese does not enjoy dog parks, but this is a safe way for the two dogs to run off-leash together.)

Daddee maked a snowball fer me!

Where'd it go?

Then, after the snow went away, I had a berfday. I turned two months old! Mommee keeps teasin' me, saying I'm two YEARS old. Silly mommee.
Mommee maked me a cake. Mommee put the recipe in her bloggie, in case any other Mommees wanna make cake fer their puppies.

And I gots to have some. Of course. It was my cake! (Yes, I shared wif Reese)
And I getted presents.
Was a good berfday.

In late March, I went to puppy school. Mommee didn't take any pikshurs of me in doggie school. But I got a certificate that says I passed!
In April, we took a LOOOOOONG car ride. And we took another LOOOOONG walk (sick, sadistic parents). But there were LOTS of other doggies to meet.

I met the guy that invited all the doggies to this park. Mommee said his name is John DeBella, and he talks on the radio.

Then Mommee make me stuck my face in a hole in a piece of plywood. Then, Daddee took my pikshur. I dunno why.

It was also really HOT, so Mommee and Daddee let me an' Reese go swimmin'.

OK, so that's January through April. May through August, comin' up next!

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