Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Woofmas!

Hope everybuddy is having a furry Woofmas! Daddee an' I drove back home to see Mommee last nite. Reese was so happy to see me! (So was Mommee, of course) Kieran . . . not so happy to see me.

But Mommee and Daddee took us all for a walk, and then STUCK US IN OUR CRATES! How is THAT to spend Christmas Eve??

They were gone a couple of hours, then they came home and we all went to bedtime.

In the morning, we went for walkies again, and got breakfast noms. Then Mommee told us that Santa Paws left us presents!

That's a gingerbread stuffie! An' I got a nom-dispensing bone, and a bully stick!!
Reese and Kieran each got a stuffie, a nom-dispensing toy, and a bully stick, too. Pretty soon, Daddee an' I are gonna head back to Gramma's, cuz Daddee said Santa Paws left toys for me THERE, too!

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  1. Hi Owen Friend! I am glad to hear that Santa made it over to your house too! Sounds like you were on the nice list this year.