Friday, September 18, 2009

New Park!

After Mommy and Daddy adopted me, they took me to this park in South Philadelphia that Mommy said is just for doggies. It was a long car ride, and sometimes we had to park far away, and walk. But it was a nice area. Kinda small, so not too much room to run. But I made a friend named Loki - he's a pibble. We wrestled together.

Then it got cold, and we didn't go for a while.

We started to go again in the summertime, but Mommy didn't like driving that far. Then Mommy heard about a new place in Levittown that is closer!

The park for doggies is inside a BIGGER park with stuff for everybody: a playground for kids, a path for walkers, runners and bikers, a court for roller hockey, basketball courts, and a tennis court.

There's even a LAKE right in the middle! But Mommy said I'm not allowed in it. We found the doggie park, and it's HUGE! There are so many dogs to play with! And I can RUN!

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