Monday, August 24, 2009


Wow, I've been too tired to write all weekend! Mommy and Daddy took me and Sirius to this new place on Friday. We could hear dogs barking from the outside. Then we went inside, and the smells! WOW! So many things to smell and to explore!

Mommy and Daddy left us behind the counter with a really nice lady. They came back about 5 minutes later, and then the lady took off our harnesses and put new collars on, and took us through the door that Mommy and Daddy had gone through.

There were all these play areas full of other doggies! It was like a doggie park, but inside! We sniffed the other dogs at the fence first, then the lady opened the door and let us in. SO MUCH FUN! There was stuff to climb on, and lots of room to run.

By the time Mommy and Daddy came back, I was just laying on the floor watching the other dogs. Even Sirius looked tired!

We slept the whole way back home. Mommy and Daddy were talking about the place, and something called Labor Day weekend. I was only half awake, so I didn't catch the whole conversation, but it sounds like Sirius and I will get to go back on Labor Day weekend!

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