Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iz my berfday!

I'm 3 months old today (despite Daddee kiddin' me dat I'm 3 yeers old today -- mus be the same delusion dat makes him think I'm 100 pounds, when I'm reely only 10 pounds).

Anyway, Daddee made me pupcakes fer my berfday! An' I got a Kong Wubba and a new Nylabone!

Mommee says we're gonna celebrate my berfday AGAIN the next time she sees me!

On a not-so-happee note, Mommee says dat today is Kieran's last day at home. He bited Reese again, reely bad. Mommee knows dat Kieran is too dangerus to be 'dopted (even though he's not dangerus to peepel AT ALL), and dat he's going someplace called The Rainbow Bridge tonite.

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