Monday, March 29, 2010

I iz a party dog!

On Caturday night, Mommee had a party to celebrate being ancient. I tried to be a helper doggie in the morning, cleaning the house, but I mostly just whined when I couldn't be in the kitchen wif Mommee.

Then I tasted the cake balls, to make sure they wasn't poisunus. And I told Mommee I had to test the rolls for the meetball sammiches, but she said No.

Then I supervized the assembly of the table for playing games.

An' would you beleev it? All of Mommee's frends were under the same delusion she was! They said I was HUGE! An' I said, No, I just a little puppeh.

Here's me an' Mommee.

See how little I am?

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