Sunday, March 7, 2010

I has a sad :-(

I has a sad fer my mommy. I have mentioned before dat she volunteers to help doggies that doesn't has homes. She takes them for walkies, and trains them to be good doggies, and helps them find homes (and sometimes, brings them to OUR home until they find there own home).

Well, last week, she was talkin' thru email to some other volunteer frends of hers, and she complaned dat some of the peepel who work for that place was not nice. All she wuz tryin' to do was to find a home for a doggie that REELY needed one, cuz he was in that place for homeless doggies for a LONG TIME.

Well, one persun printed out dat email and gave it to those peepel who work there, who passed it on to the other shelter, who passed it on to their big boss person.

Anyways, yesterday, they told mommy to stop volunteering fer a long time, and think about weather she really wanted to do it or not. Now my mommee is reely upset, becuz she LUVS helping those doggies be good doggies and find homes and stuff. And becuz it was a private email that got passed around -- and she knows that nuffing is REELY private anymores (stupid interwebs), but she thawt that all the peepel in that email thread was her frends and wudn't tell those staff peepel behind her back.


  1. Hi Owen friend! I am so sad to hear that your mommy has a sad. She does so much nice stuff for so many doggies and kitties. I think she is pretty awesome!

  2. Hi Owen. I'm sad they made your mommy stop volunteering. Hopefully this was an eye opener and even though they asked her to stop they realize what they're doing wrong. I think it's awesome how she helps out.

    Tail wags,