Monday, July 19, 2010

All About My Mommy and Daddy!

Hi bloggie frends! I heard on Honey the Great Dane's blog that a puppy called "Oskar the Mini Schnauzer" was having an "All About Your Humans Day" and I wanted to tell you all about my Mommy and Daddy, since you all know about me (an' a little about Reese and Carl). I'll tell you about them separately, since they do not live together anymore.

My Mommy lives in a place called Phillydelphia, in a state called Pencilvania. She has lived in this city her whole life. Here is a picture of my Mommy and Reese:

My Mommy is ancient (30 years old), and is what's called a Dog Walker. For monies, she goes to other people's houses and walks their doggies while they are at work! She also takes care of kitties. Mommy also studied Grafic Desine and Baking at two separate schools, so she could do those jobs for monies, too.

When Mommy is not walking doggies or doing Grafic Desine or Baking, she likes to take pichers, do crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and bake stuff, but not for monies.

Now, befur I was born, Mommy had a very bad sickie what is called "Cushing's Disease." Something extra was growing on her pituitary gland, and she almost died! And I'm not exaggerating. She gained lots of weight, and was depressed, and couldn't sleep, and got blood clots in her lungs. But her doctors finally got that something extra off of her pituitary gland, and now that sickie has gone away, but Mommy will never be 100% all better. Like, she can't run with me (not that I like to run anyway), and sometimes when she's very stressy, either physically or mentally, she has to take medicine.

Did you know that doggies (and horsies!) can get Cushing's Disease, too?

OK, so Daddy (and me!) live in a town that is kinda north and kinda west of Phillydelphia what is called "Lansdale." That's where Daddy grew up with Gramma and Grampa. Daddy does somefing where he answers people's questions about their health insurance and makes sure they doesn't have to pay extra monies if they doesn't have to. Or somefing.

Sometimes, when Daddy is not working, he likes to play this game wif his friends. They take fake guns what look like bazookas and shoot PAINT at each other! How silly! And they do this all day long. OK, Daddy says they don't look like bazookas (ok, not all of dem), but I'm just a puppy, and I don't have opposable thumbs, so I can shoot ANY kind of gun.

Oh, and here's me and Daddy:

Yeah, I'm jus' being a little silly.

Go visit Oskar the Mini Schauzer's blog:


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  1. Hi Owen - I just saw your comment on Oskar's blog about playing this game - and then I realised you'd actually read about him on my blog - I never knew you visited me - you never left me a comment to say hello to me! :-) Naughty pup!!

    Anyway, it was great learning more about your humans. Your Mom has a really cool job! :-) And I love that picture of you with your Dad - so sweet!

    I hope you will drop me a hello on my blog sometime!

    Honey the Great Dane