Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy "Fur"th of July!

Happy Birfday, America! "Land of the free noms, home of the brave nom hunters"

To celebrate America's birfday, I'm playing the "Fourth of July Name Game," which I saw on Samantha's bloggie.

To play, I has to tell you how I gots my name!

Aktually, it's not all that interesting. My mommy and daddy getted me from a guy who didn't take care of me very well. When they bought his house, they 'dopted me. Since eberybuddy in the neighborhood alreddy knew who I wuz, they decided to keep my name.

OK, Reese's turn.

Hi! I'm Reese! It's my very first turn "guest blogging"! When I was brought into the shelter in New Jersey, they named me Reese because I was dark and light shades of brown, and they thought I looked like a smooshed-up Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. OK, Carl's turn!

Hi I'm Carl nice to meet you the people at the shelter named me Carl when I was turned in as a stray and that's it K bye!

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