Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ouchie time

Daddee sez I need something called "shots" soon. In Pencilvania, all doggies are required to be vaccinated for rabies. I also gets Bordatella because I go to the doggie park a lot.

But did you know that the Doggie Doctors have been studying vaccines and some of them aren't necessary anymore? Most doggies used to get a shot for "coronavirus" (I've never taysted a Coronoa, cuz Daddee sez alcohol izn't for puppies - I dunno why they need to give me an ouchie against it, too).

And a group called the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) sez that you only need to get the other ouchies every 3 years -- which sounds reely good to me!

Here's moar stuff on da web 'bout ouchies:

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  1. Hi Owen - yeah, my human wrote an article all about that for her dog magazines a couple of years ago! Especially as some doggies can get bad vaccine reactions so it seems silly to make them get shots every year when they don't need to! But unfortunately, sometimes your lifestyle forces you - like with me, my humans would prefer me to go to the 3 yr intervals but because I often go to kennels and dog training competitions and training centres and camps, they all require annual vaccines so I have no choice! So unfair!

    Honey the Great Dane