Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gots my ouchies and guess what!

Well, a couple of guess whats. I'm visiting my mommee rite now! She came to get me yesturday. And I only put the car into neutral once! (Mommee would prefer I ride in the backseat, cuz it's safer, but my HUUUUUUGE crate wuz back there, and there wasn't enuf room for little ol' me!)

So, I getted my ouchies (my rabies vacksine and my bordatella vacksine), and the vet weighed me! I loosed weight! I don't weigh 10 pounds anymore (Note from Mom: Owen weighed 105 pounds). No, I dinn't, Mommee. I weighed 10 pounds. (Whatever, Owen. You're delusional.)

So, the vet weighed me, and now I weigh 8.5 pounds! (85 pounds, Owen). Nuh-uh. 8.5 pounds. And I'm 3 months old. (You're three YEARS old.) An' I didn't lose the weight cuz of a sickie. I jus' ate less kibble (grumble grumble) and had less treats (grumble grumble).

So, I am at Mommee's new 'partment. It's smaller than our house. An' Reese and Carl are here. Mommee's frend bringed Reese to a big grassy area to say hello to me before we went back in the house. Reese was actin' all nice and stuffs, but I remember that she wuzn't very nice to me last time, and I was 'fraid of her. So, we went back to the 'partment, and I stayed in a bedroom wif Mommee, and Carl an' Reese stayed in the living room part.

In the morning, we ALL taked a walk together (Mommee's friend helped). Carl was VERY excited to see me and kep' trying to jump all over me and sniff me.

So, I'm here until Monday. I will keep updatin' if anything intresting happens.

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