Saturday, September 18, 2010

Caturday Bloggie Hop!

It's that time again!

Not much is goin' on. I went to visit Mommy over Labor Day. An' for once, Mommy didn't have to Labor on Labor Day. No doggies needed walking, 'cept me, Carl an' Reese of course.

An' Mommy thinks that long walks are fun, but fer little puppies like me, they're very tiring.

An' Carl wanted to play ALL THE TIME. I was a little stressy when I first got to Mommy's new 'partment, so she kept me separated from Carl and Reese with the baby gate.

Carl didn't unnerstand that I wasn't quite ready to play yet:

But we eventually played and had lots of fun an' we went to a doggie park! Carl loves to go to this park because he can RUN and RUN and RUN until he's almost too tired to walk home again!

Reese was nice to me when we were outsides, but she didn't like me being in "her" apartment. Mommee says that she "guards resources."

An' then on Labor Day, I went back to Gramma's with Daddy.


  1. Following from the blog hop. Thanks for visiting our blog and following! Lots of lab love going on over there :)
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  2. Hi
    Jazzi here, Nice to meet you!! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you again and become friends


  3. Nice to meet you! Isn't the Hop just wonderful?